Sportview®系列。有两种流行的放大倍率有以及两个同样大受欢迎的价格标签。每种型号均具有完全镀膜光学,坚固的结构和可变变焦目镜。更重要的是,他们还配备了便携包和三脚架 。

There's the Sportview® series. Available in two popular magnifications with two equally popular price tags, the Sportview series gives you Bushnell quality while keeping your budget on track. Each model comes with fully coated optics, rugged construction and a variable zoom eyepiece. What's more, they also come standard with a hard carrying case, tripod and the satisfaction of knowing your scope's bound to be around far longer than the next guy's – unless, of course, his is a Bushnell, too.

Tech Talk

General Features:

  • Variable zoom eyepiece for great viewing range
  • 多层镀膜光学 Fully coated optics reduce glare and enhance picture clarity
  • Rugged construction
  • Compact tripod
  • Hard carrying case