General Features:

  • Argon Purged


    An improvement over traditional nitrogen purging, argon purging delivers the ultimate in long-term waterproof integrity. 
  • FireFly™ Reticle

    Developed by Bushnell® engineers for the lowest-light hunting situations, the patented FireFly™ reticle illuminates the crosshairs after only a quick 10-second flashlight charge. Unlike battery-powered reticles, which often fail at the absolute worst times, the FireFly will glow green and you’ll see your crosshairs against your quarry. Featured on select Elite riflescopes.
  • Fully-Multi Coated Optics


    All air-to-glass surfaces feature multiple layers of anti-reflective coating. Fully multi-coated optical systems deliver the brightest, highest-contrast images with the least amount of eye strain because only a very small percentage of light is lost before it reaches the viewer's eye.
  • RainGuard® HD


    Without it, you’re not ready. Thanks to RainGuard, a wet lens or a misguided breath that would fog conventional glass will never cost you a view. This patented, permanent, water-repellent coating causes moisture from rain, snow, sleet and condensation to bead up and scatter less light, so you get a clear, bright view when other optics would be rendered useless

  • Ultra Wide Band Coating

    An anti-reflection coating process that is customized for every lens element in the optical path, in order to allow the best possible light from the front glass all the way back to the eyepiece. The result? Optimum brightness and true color across the light spectrum.