AK光学步枪瞄准范围7.62×39 BDC十字线。八级亮度水平适应任何环境,任何时间,任何地点。而其一件铝管是坚固耐用的。它总共有11个亮度设置快速指向点使AK光学红点在任何拍摄场景中都能成为的佼佼者。

The AK Optics Riflescope highlights your target with an Illuminated 7.62x39 BDC reticle. Eight brightness levels adapt to any setting, any time, anywhere. And its 1-piece aircraft aluminum tube is as rugged and relentless as your AK-47 itself. Its quick-pointing dot with 11 intensity settings make the AK Optics Red Dot a standout in any shooting scenario. The integral mount works on any Picatinny rail or Weaver-style case. Don’t let its incredibly light four ounces fool you. This waterproof, fogproof, shockproof performer hangs tough through the harshest use you care to show it.