Ballistics Charts

Knowing which ballistic group to select will determine your accuracy. Bushnell engineers have worked with the Sierra® Bullets’ ballistic program and grouped many of the most popular calibers and loads into eight ballistic groups.

Once you know what caliber and load you are shooting simply look through the chart to determine which one of the eight ballistic groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) match with your particular load and caliber. For Muzzleloaders, we have worked with PowerBelt® Bullets to incorporate ballistic data into two ballistic groups (I and J).

You can cycle through the modes on your Laser Rangefinder a circular fashion by pressing and releasing the mode button. The order of modes is a follows: BOW, RIFLE A, RIFLE B, RIFLE C, RIFLE D, RIFLE E, RIFLE F, RIFLE G, RIFLE H, RIFLE I, RIFLE J, REG, etc. When the bow selection is displayed, the “BOW” icon will flash and when a “RIFLE: selection is displayed, the “RIFLE” icon and ballistic group will be flashing. When the ( ) is displayed, the message ( ) will flash within the display.